Request Money

SemiCash's Request Money feature enables you to send an e-invoice to someone or an organization who owes you requesting them to pay you via SemiCash, or you can just request funds from family and friends worldwide.

Once this e-invoice is sent to a valid email address, the recipient can click a link in the email and transfer payment. Online payments are safe and internationally accepted. When you begin using SemiCash's e-invoice service, you will have access to easy payment processing.

If you send an invoice to a non-member, the invoice will include an affiliate link inviting him or her to sign up for SemiCash's payment gateway services and be your downline. You will be eligible to earn 10% commission on all transaction fees from your affiliate downlines. SemiCash guarantees that all monetary transactions are instant and secure.

How It Works

Login to your SemiCash account, click Request Money, enter payer's email address, the amount and send. The payer will receive a money request notification by email. Once they accept the request, they can send money to your SemiCash account, and you can withdraw your money any time.