Security and Fraud Protection

SemiCash places high premium on the security of account of our customers.

When you are signing up for an account, submitting personal information or making payment, we use the most effective fraud protection tools to protect your personal details.

Whether you are a business selling online, or a person shopping online, your protection is guaranteed when you use SemiCash service to send or received payment online. We use 128-bit SSL encryption to prevent potential fraudsters from viewing your personal details when your information is transmitted online.

While we do our best to protect you, we also recommend that you adopt the following measures to further protect your account:

Fraud Prevention Tips on Phishing

Phishing is a trick fraudsters use to acquire sensitive information about your account. The following are the signs to look out for and how to protect yourself:
1. A fraudster may send you an email that purport to come from SemiCash asking you to update your account login details, or to change your personal information. Please do not respond to such fraudulent emails. We will never send you such an email.
2. Any merchant's website asking you to enter your SemiCash login details to make payment is fraudulent. Do not enter your login details in any fraudulent website. Always make sure you are in SemiCash website before you enter your login details.
3. Check out the URL and/or email address on any email you receive. If you notice a slightest deviation from a real company's URL or if you notice a sub-domain in the email address, there is a good chance that the email is a phishing attempt.
4. Hover over any links that appear in a suspicious email. You will see the URL in your computer status bar. If you do not recognize or trust the URL, do not click on the link.

How To Prevent Fraud

1. Always create your own SemiCash account to get paid through our service.
2. Do not allow anybody to open a SemiCash account for you.
3. Do not enter your login details in any fraudulent website.
4. SemiCash website starts with the URL: https:// or Always verify by checking this URL to ensure you are in our website before you enter your login details or initiate any payment.
5. Always make sure you enter the appropriate receiver email or username before you make payment.
6. If you are a seller, the buyer only needs your email address to send you money. Do not give out your password.
7. SemiCash transaction processing is instant. If a person says he has sent you payment and the money is not in your SemiCash account, then he did not send any payment and you did not receive any payment.
8. Do not give your password to anybody, not even a SemiCash staff.