Withdraw Funds

Withdraw money from your SemiCash account with peace of mind.

Its simple and fast.

Withdraw to any bank account worldwide.

Simply login to your account and initiate the withdrawal process, once you have entered your bank details, your funds will be in your bank account within one to three business days depending on your bank location.

Withdraw in four currencies: Withdraw in Dollars, Pounds, Euro, or Naira.

Currency Conversion Rates

At present, the SemiCash default currency is Dollars. If you choose to withdraw money in Pounds, Euro, or Naira your funds will be converted using the rates below. In future you will have account balances available in all four or more currencies.

Dollars to Pounds - 0.82

Dollars to Euro - 0.95

Dollars to Naira - 580

Please note that currency conversion rate are the exchange rate at which we buy our currencies. Conversion rates are adjusted regularly in line with exchange fluctuations.